Not You

Since you left, I’ve had all these men at my feet Still nothing compares to what I thought we had Effortlessly, they try as if they believe there is a contest, to compete and replace what was once there Replace, what I thought was so great I am not over you J. Saunders


For anyone who has felt their future isn't in their hands For the ones who have been abused mentally, physically and sexually For the individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression I need to you know You do not need to be perfect You cannot help who you have loved and love Who you have … Continue reading Breathe


I’m not going to be the one who tells you to let go and move on. Breaking up with someone you love is losing more than someone beside you at night. You’re no longer having this person in your life. take a moment to grieve. Take as long, as your heart needs, just never sit … Continue reading Time