I was going to call you selfish for only loving parts of me until I realized I too am selfish, for wanting more than what was offered J. Saunders



You were never the problem Society was But then you became the problem For allowing society to come up with a solution In a nonexistent issue J. Saunders


Titles are overrated. You weren’t my fiancé.  You were the “love of my life”, and you destroyed everything a woman could dream of.   J. Saunders

Mr. Unavailable

I'm addicted to you So, I'll call and text too much Then run away like Nicky Nicky Nine Doors Till you catch up and give me the attention I crave I'm crazy and filled with passion Lucky for you I have commitment issues when you're unavailable to me I want everything and nothing from you …


I deleted your existence on my phone Then removed you from my heart Piece by piece Eventually all the fragments of you will be gone J. Saunders


Who was I to think you cared? Whatever we were, whatever we had, seems like a lie as my heart writes untold emotions. Who was I... to think you could care about me. J. Saunders


When I am with you the world is quiet. I am carefree and playful instead of defensive and serious. J. Saunders

Feel Like

Isn't it supposed to feel like butterflies? No, it's supposed to feel like comfort with an exciting rush. J. Saunders

He Left

For a moment time stood still running on fabricated words and misbehavior Another page was torn from an unfinished chapter I wasn’t prepared for J. Saunders