01.24.17 11:57 pm

His hands they were a paint brush My body was a blank canvas Each time he touched me he painted a story I fell in love will all the words he never said, that were splashed in colour along my skin J. Saunders


High Cloud Nine

Evening comes, I'm high again Daily, I strive to relive the same sensation I felt, when I met you Love Notes, J. Saunders

Forgive You

I would forgive you Even if it took you 25 years to call 25 years to turn up at my front door I would still hold you with the same love The same fire that burned between us half a century ago No amount of time and water could stop me from burning Raging flames …

Mr. Unknown

I keep breaking the rules between you and I After you leave your scent on my sheets I unfold within the pages writing our secrets with words I'm not supposed to use describing you You've always been my best kept secret  Love Notes, J. Saunders

Letter 110

There is never a time and a place There will never be a correct word or phrase Nor that perfect moment, still I hope you come to me when you get that feeling The one we all push aside and ignore because we think it doesn’t matter or it’s too late When that’s not the …


Sometimes I just get sad With no reason I want to break down and cry I, myself don't even understand for you were never truly here but knowing you're not at arms length of a wanted call... spins me into a place of missing you J. Saunders


“we need to talk,”, he said “It’s been awhile.”. With one hand on my hip the other forcefully pulling my hair back I bent backwards until he stopped “I got you”, he whispered Before demanding me to remove my skirt while his hand followed behind mine starting the conversation between my legs   Love Notes, …


What was it like when you met him? All the air was taken out of me And when he left? The air was never returned   Love Notes, J. Saunders  

Not You

Since you left, I’ve had all these men at my feet Still nothing compares to what I thought we had Effortlessly, they try as if they believe there is a contest, to compete and replace what was once there Replace, what I thought was so great I am not over you J. Saunders


We met We clicked We've been fighting each other and ourselves ever since J. Saunders