All About Me

Finally, after a long over due absence from the public, I found myself recreating my 4th website, and I think this is the one. I was the creator and founder of LeMartinixo, which was once a growing success. I unfortunately had let the loss of other people stop me from continuing what I love. I love to write. More then writing, I thoroughly enjoy impacting people. Now, three years later here we are together, and I’ve never been any more excited.

This site has turned into more for the growth of the upcoming poetry books I’ve been working on. I have recently published my first novel called, Second Chances, with the new journey of love in my second book, Love Notes, releasing fall 2018.

Thank you, to those who inspire and motivate me to continue following my passion, I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my work.


“Those 90’s babies are dangerous”, so this ’91, Toronto city girl is coming right at you.

-J. Saunders xo


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