Sometimes I just get sad With no reason I want to break down and cry I, myself don't even understand for you were never truly here but knowing you're not at arms length of a wanted call... spins me into a place of missing you J. Saunders


Poets’ Love

To a man I once knew; I love you. I've fallen 100 times since meeting you, but I will never be able to be the love you need. This is why no matter on the circumstances or who has said, what... my love is best described with ink. My actions are profound and overwhelming, there …


“we need to talk,”, he said “It’s been awhile.”. With one hand on my hip the other forcefully pulling my hair back I bent backwards until he stopped “I got you”, he whispered Before demanding me to remove my skirt while his hand followed behind mine starting the conversation between my legs   Love Notes, …


How come you don't come by anymore? I used to swing by and knock on your door when the lights were on and you were somewhere inside But it was always the wrong time or you were too busy Always apologizing but never changing J. Saunders


For anyone who has felt their future isn't in their hands For the ones who have been abused mentally, physically and sexually For the individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression I need to you know You do not need to be perfect You cannot help who you have loved and love Who you have …

Not Logic

I'm emotional If only you could stay with me Just until I gain some prospective Gain some self control This can't be love it's so unexplainable, caught of guard I've never felt like this before Vulnerable and uncertain Please, don't leave just yet Please, don't make a mess of my heart I beg of you …

New Day

I'm insane I'm reckless Unable to be contained I'm lost over everything we weren't because I expected nothing but wanted everything The dawn will come when the rays no longer scream your name J. Saunders


What was it like when you met him? All the air was taken out of me And when he left? The air was never returned   Love Notes, J. Saunders  


I miss the nothingness substance of what we used to be The mindless conversations we'd have and the laughs that filled the air Before pretending I don't want or need you Love Notes, J. Saunders