The Man’s Excuses

I don’t want to hurt you So, I’ll tell you I like you more than I actually do That way I can excuse myself with a busy lifestyle but I always have time at night for you You’ll come over and I’ll fuck away your concerns Tell you, I’ve missed you because men get lonely [...]



Pick up the phone and call me or have you lost your voice My house must seem like miles away Instead of a minutes drive You're a coward It's okay So was I When I avoided the truth between everything we weren't J. Saunders

Book release

Ello everyone! Just wanted to share the news that this June, I will be releasing my debut book called Second Chances. It's release date is set for June 11th! Pre-orders are open under the newly added shop page. Order your copy today and also receive the pre-sale price. Thank you all for your constant support. [...]