A Woman’s Ramble

They say, you can never be too little or too much for someone... however, I fear... if he knew the things that ran through my mind he’d misunderstand. The same things, that I misunderstood. I must be running in a vicious circle. I can’t figure out... if I should leave or stay. Which has somehow … Continue reading A Woman’s Ramble


It's more than a physical and emotional reaction. Mentally I am infused. Relapsing doesn't describe the way I fell into the palm of your hand again. A record playing, doesn't do justice in comparison to the circles I spun while you enjoyed my entertainment. J. Saunders


I’m not going to be the one who tells you to let go and move on. Breaking up with someone you love is losing more than someone beside you at night. You’re no longer having this person in your life. take a moment to grieve. Take as long, as your heart needs, just never sit … Continue reading Time