If Love

I loved you at first sight The conversation we had and the moments to follow, in the years we've shared Infatuation fades Mine remains in the seconds to minutes, hours to day If holding you never grows old, your smile lighting my heart never dulls If this hasn't been love open my eyes from dreaming … Continue reading If Love


Move On

You never move on because you want to.  You move on because you have to. At first, it’s shitty. Your heart feels like it’s at the bottom of your stomach.  You’re nervous and you can’t get them off your mind. Eventually it’ll fade. The gut wrenching feeling will go away. You’ll realize you are safe without … Continue reading Move On


If he wants you, if he loves you, he'll fight for you. There would be no other man for you. Believe me when I say, if someone so happened to have tried to take you and he doesn't rage a war like the Trojan War, when Helen was taken... he never loved you. Understand this. … Continue reading War


"These roads don't lead to my home, why are you turning here?". "Relax", he said, as we pulled onto a dead-end street, the other side of my middle school. Hill top he leans over and says, "your ex was Greek right? your girlfriend told me, which means, you should know what we like.", while unzipping … Continue reading Calvington