If he wants you, if he loves you, he'll fight for you. There would be no other man for you. Believe me when I say, if someone so happened to have tried to take you and he doesn't rage a war like the Trojan War, when Helen was taken... he never loved you. Understand this. … Continue reading War



I hope you never settle for a summer love that over the top 3 month type of romance and someone falls in love with you during fall keeps you up all night with real conversations holds you throughout the winter and brings you flowers during the spring just to kiss you at the highest point … Continue reading Seasons


The women who remind you that a man will not make you whole are the same ones who felt their entire being shattered because they fell in love and now have nothing to show for it.   Love, true love, a partnership shared between two people can be the most magical thing. The connection you … Continue reading Complete