When I write, my mind takes a moment. I exhale in the moment of silence. I need this moment several times a day. Writing about you has become exhausting. The thought of you is constant. It’s pathetic. I know better. I think about you more and then all l the ways I crave you. It’s …



All women usually ask for is an apology from their ex and to be honest I’ve never understood why. It’s like the need for closure after telling him to leave you alone. Why hurt yourself just to hear the man who hurt you say, some pathetic apology when he obviously didn’t care enough about you …

Fall Evening

I wasn’t looking for anyone or anything in particular Literally stumbling I met you, it was a life altering experience Love Notes, J. Saunders

Be Okay

I cannot promise you ever after or dry eyes I can promise the pain you’re feeling is temporary He’ll go away and become a memory You will laugh again Take your time Second Chances, Page 222, J. Saunders   Order Second Chances Here

Ever Lasting

Moments are temporary People may come and go This I understand is temporary too But what you fail to realize is everything built up between that hello and goodbye is permanent Love Notes, J. Saunders

Just Be

There is nothing wrong with believing in the unknown. Wanting to be successful and to have hope in true love. The outcome may not be exactly what you're expecting. The timing may not be what you dreamed. So long as you stay true, be honest and bold, what was meant for you...will just be.   …


Isn’t love what everyone is searching for? Maybe, from a friend or a family member? Maybe, a stranger. Someone, anyone, just to simply say, I am not alone. J. Saunders


You never shared your deepest thought Your untold secrets You never needed to Your lips pressed into mine told them for you Whispers from your darkest corner told between your moans in my ear Bodies entangled come home tonight and release your pain through me I’m listening J. Saunders