Just Be

There is nothing wrong with believing in the unknown. Wanting to be successful and to have hope in true love. The outcome may not be exactly what you're expecting. The timing may not be what you dreamed. So long as you stay true, be honest and bold, what was meant for you...will just be.   … Continue reading Just Be


No More Emotions

No words No letters No messages or signs to tell me what we had was better than our minds could create No magic left to feel after you left me with silence I know you want me to forgive you I may never, not for what you did but how you did it We've changed … Continue reading No More Emotions


You never shared your deepest thought Your untold secrets You never needed to Your lips pressed into mine told them for you Whispers from your darkest corner told between your moans in my ear Bodies entangled come home tonight and release your pain through me I’m listening J. Saunders

Another Battle

Sometimes the voices get so loud you're unable to tune them out. They scream and echo terrible things you don't deserve to hear. It is unfair, especially when you're having a good day. Today the voices spoke to me. They told me I wasn't good enough, I wasn't loved and no one would miss me. … Continue reading Another Battle