Another Battle

Sometimes the voices get so loud
you’re unable to tune them out.
They scream and echo
terrible things you don’t deserve to hear.
It is unfair,
especially when you’re having a good day.

Today the voices spoke to me.
They told me I wasn’t good enough,
I wasn’t loved and no one would miss me.
I’ll never amount to anything,
I should just go home and give up.

Sometimes the voices win.
The awful feeling in the pit of your stomach,
disappears with a pill or a nap.
You thought that would solve the problem,
because for a brief moment
time stood still and on your side.
When the haze wears off,
it’s a hurricane of emotions
and self-doubt.

I am not in your shoes,
but I can tell you how to begin your battle.
Do the opposite of everything,
the demons try and make you do.

Remind yourself,
that you’re not alone and you’re worthy,
never let anyone or anything,
suggest differently.

Today I didn’t go home,
I wrote this piece instead,
hoping it reaches someone in time.



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