I often find that people who are unable to talk about themselves, may not reflect enough. Some say, I can talk about myself too easily, but after publishing a book with over 400 pages of different situations and events I've felt or been through, suppose it takes the edge off. Truthfully, even after 400 pages … Continue reading Challenges



For anyone who has felt their future isn't in their hands For the ones who have been abused mentally, physically and sexually For the individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression I need to you know You do not need to be perfect You cannot help who you have loved and love Who you have … Continue reading Breathe

Another Battle

Sometimes the voices get so loud you're unable to tune them out. They scream and echo terrible things you don't deserve to hear. It is unfair, especially when you're having a good day. Today the voices spoke to me. They told me I wasn't good enough, I wasn't loved and no one would miss me. … Continue reading Another Battle


I sat in silence because I thought the pain would disappear on its own rather than make it known to have people feel sorry for me rather than having people with petty tones of careless emotion asking how I've been rather than having people know that I'm weak and I fall down sometimes I sat … Continue reading Silence