Just Be

There is nothing wrong with believing in the unknown. Wanting to be successful and to have hope in true love. The outcome may not be exactly what you're expecting. The timing may not be what you dreamed. So long as you stay true, be honest and bold, what was meant for you...will just be.   … Continue reading Just Be



I sat in silence because I thought the pain would disappear on its own rather than make it known to have people feel sorry for me rather than having people with petty tones of careless emotion asking how I've been rather than having people know that I'm weak and I fall down sometimes I sat … Continue reading Silence

Different Now

There was a moment in my life when I truly thought I would have drowned in my own tears with your absence. Not because there would be a hole in my heart, but because there was this void in my life. There would be waking moments when no one understood what I meant when I … Continue reading Different Now