Here Or Gone

If I told you I was leaving tomorrow would knowing make the difference and change our situation, making our last night better than the others? Imagine I left you on the tip of your toes standing on suspense, not knowing if we have hours or minutes Any second could be our last I'd give you … Continue reading Here Or Gone


Page 277 Second Chances

Letting go of someone you love, is life’s way of reminding you, never to build your home in someone else. Someone please tell me, how do I know, who to give myself to? My love is not a coin toss, but we throw ourselves at people, hoping they throw themselves back at us. J. Saunders … Continue reading Page 277 Second Chances

Day 147 Without You

It's hard, when tomorrow is never promised nor should be taken for granted but I can't help but waste away a day hoping tomorrow never comes, for it's another day without you. And, I know, I deserve more. And, I know... if someone wanted to be with you, they would be. It's never that simple … Continue reading Day 147 Without You