The problem is you. You made me feel guilty for loving you. Not everything comes with a price or reason. Not everyone has intentions on hurting you. J. Saunders, page 300 of Second Chances Order Second Chances in the link above 



When I write, my mind takes a moment. I exhale in the moment of silence. I need this moment several times a day. Writing about you has become exhausting. The thought of you is constant. It’s pathetic. I know better. I think about you more and then all l the ways I crave you. It’s …

Black Dress Code

I didn't mean to try you on and keep you forever Most times little black dresses are hard to replace You fit so perfect I forgot to keep you in the back of the cloest with all the ones before you Love Notes, J. Saunders

One Road

I learned that love will not always be a two-way street and I hope you learn to embrace that but never waste it J. Saunders, Second Chances


I often find that people who are unable to talk about themselves, may not reflect enough. Some say, I can talk about myself too easily, but after publishing a book with over 400 pages of different situations and events I've felt or been through, suppose it takes the edge off. Truthfully, even after 400 pages …

Be Okay

I cannot promise you ever after or dry eyes I can promise the pain you’re feeling is temporary He’ll go away and become a memory You will laugh again Take your time Second Chances, Page 222, J. Saunders   Order Second Chances Here

Just Be

There is nothing wrong with believing in the unknown. Wanting to be successful and to have hope in true love. The outcome may not be exactly what you're expecting. The timing may not be what you dreamed. So long as you stay true, be honest and bold, what was meant for you...will just be.   …

Poets’ Love

To a man I once knew; I love you. I've fallen 100 times since meeting you, but I will never be able to be the love you need. This is why no matter on the circumstances or who has said, what... my love is best described with ink. My actions are profound and overwhelming, there …


For anyone who has felt their future isn't in their hands For the ones who have been abused mentally, physically and sexually For the individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression I need to you know You do not need to be perfect You cannot help who you have loved and love Who you have …

Keep Going

I'll keep pouring my heart out because one day you'll look back, and never will you say, I didn't say, all the words you deserved to know. Silence is not the answer. Everyone deserves to know how much they are wanted and cared for. Uncertainty, can ruin someone. This is why we beg for closure. …