One Day

When my words no longer express the emotions within When I no longer ache for you When the tears run dry and my heart says your name less When that day comes, the one day I feel at peace without you I want you to know that it took every fiber in my body to … Continue reading One Day


Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun, I belong to you but I am in love with the moon. I feel your rays of heat and passion, while complaining I am always tired because I stay up during the midnight hours just to see him. I feel the magic and creative energy, writing better poetry during those hours. He is … Continue reading Mr. Sun


“we need to talk,”, he said “It’s been awhile.”. With one hand on my hip the other forcefully pulling my hair back I bent backwards until he stopped “I got you”, he whispered Before demanding me to remove my skirt while his hand followed behind mine starting the conversation between my legs   Love Notes, … Continue reading Overdue