The problem is you. You made me feel guilty for loving you. Not everything comes with a price or reason. Not everyone has intentions on hurting you. J. Saunders, page 300 of Second Chances Order Second Chances in the link above 



All women usually ask for is an apology from their ex and to be honest I’ve never understood why. It’s like the need for closure after telling him to leave you alone. Why hurt yourself just to hear the man who hurt you say, some pathetic apology when he obviously didn’t care enough about you …

One-sided Conversation

We can do this daily, he is not coming back. If you want to cry, then cry. You are entitled to your feelings. I just need you to understand that if he wanted to be with you, he would. Second Chances, Page 241 J. Saunders Order Second Chances

When It Hurts

He didn't and doesn't care about me and that's the shitty part about losing someone you care for You forget about all the people who have and do care about you While focusing on the one person you want to care, rather than need That one person you thought cared, now believing you're not good …


Who was I to think you cared? Whatever we were, whatever we had, seems like a lie as my heart writes untold emotions. Who was I... to think you could care about me. J. Saunders


We were better than good together and I have been devastated since. It was you who told me to stay. It was you who then took us away. I've been reflecting, all I do is reflect, all I do is wonder why and I fucking hate you for it. J. Saunders


I am homesick Not for a place I once knew For a person Him I'm homesick for him   J. Saunders

Over It

I'm tired of drinking and writing I miss you Describing my inner emotions referencing, your name on my caller ID, staring at your smile, loving and fucking you. It's always the same shit, different day. Anyway to pass the time, and avoiding calling you. J. Saunders


If I could go back in time the only thing I would change is how I treated you. I gave you too much of me and you had too much control. J. Saunders

Loss Of…

Then suddenly I lost you in the blink of hello to the loss of no goodbye in the bittersweet memories we once called our moments J. Saunders