The One

He was the one, that no matter how many times we said, “this was it”, he found a way back into my arms as if time hadn’t passed between us J. Saunders



I’m not going to be the one who tells you to let go and move on. Breaking up with someone you love is losing more than someone beside you at night. You’re no longer having this person in your life. take a moment to grieve. Take as long, as your heart needs, just never sit …


If I could go back in time the only thing I would change is how I treated you. I gave you too much of me and you had too much control. J. Saunders


from time to time I wish there was a man to hold to trust to love I know loneliness just a woman who is scared to fill this void J. Saunders

Different Now

There was a moment in my life when I truly thought I would have drowned in my own tears with your absence. Not because there would be a hole in my heart, but because there was this void in my life. There would be waking moments when no one understood what I meant when I …


  I don’t want yesterday nor tomorrow but rather now and our moments in between the hours J. Saunders