First Step

The past does not have to determine or shape you Inhale, exhale, and take the first step forward to letting go J. Saunders



You were everything to me. The heart I knew. The love I cherished. There was never a doubt in my mind. You were everything I had imagined. I was just nothing of this to you, and that's okay. You were meant to come into my life, so I could give you love. Encourage you to …

Down the Road

We were setting ourselves up for disappointment and heartbreak even if we didn't say it even if we told ourselves this was the plan two people like us don't just meet and stick around because we wanted to J. Saunders


  I don’t want yesterday nor tomorrow but rather now and our moments in between the hours J. Saunders


  She was in love with him and it's not that he didn't deserve her love he just couldn't return it unintentionally in time shattering her heart into pieces - She was in too deep and accepted that one day he'd be the death of her It was love suicide J. Saunders