Old Broken Memories

Remember when you ran down the stairs to throw a shoe in the kitchen? Instead of hitting the wall, it hit me straight in the head. You laugh, your sister starred, I dropped down and cried. Memories like this are all that's left. Any of the good one's just feel like a lie. At least … Continue reading Old Broken Memories


I fucked up. All I do is fuck up. It's a never ending story of how perfectly, imperfectly I am but so desperately wrong. I'm always apologizing, I must always be at fault. I am human and I try. I make mistakes and I fall. Yet, with you I am a walking disaster. From cloud … Continue reading Ruined


I warn people you cannot love me do not get too close there is nothing for you here I say these things because I am unable to take the blinders off from being in love with another I don't mean to but I've hurt the kindest hearts because I've fallen into habit of attaching myself to … Continue reading Unable