I don’t recall giving you an invitation or letting you in  But there you are  Making yourself at home within the walls of my heart 9:55 pm 01-17-17   J. Saunders



Time will go on We will linger in the air You'll meet someone else to soothe your needs I'll meet someone who'll come to love me It's been eventful to meet you Then love you, never keeping you Knowing as time passes and we drift through life I'll always love you J. Saunders


I said, I wouldn't let old habits get the best of me With a million reasons to let you go I pour whiskey over ice and light a cigarette while answering your call Knowing you're my vice I'd wear your shirt over night unable to give you up All before you show up at my … Continue reading Habits

Bad Habit

He touched me and instantly I pulled away He kissed me and instantly I thought of you For someone so unattainable my heart latched right onto you So long as my eyes are closed and my lips never share our secrets... I suppose he doesn't need to know it's you on my mind while he … Continue reading Bad Habit