I’ll never be able to bluntly tell you the who, what, where, when, why or how, but I can write about each of those and let you fill in the blanks Love Notes Fall 2018, J. Saunders


High Cloud Nine

Evening comes, I'm high again Daily, I strive to relive the same sensation I felt, when I met you Love Notes, J. Saunders


As the clouds darken and take over the sky a brisk brezze blows through the car windows, getting colder as I drive closer I watch lightning emerge with power, each strike better than the last Looks like a war between the Gods and it feels like us when we're not together J. Saunders, Love Notes …


I'm doing my best not to overthink about you. It's all I've ever done. New habits are hard to create, when your words are repeating in my mind. J. Saunders


I apologize for thinking you were better than the last impression you left me with J. Saunders

Letter 110

There is never a time and a place There will never be a correct word or phrase Nor that perfect moment, still I hope you come to me when you get that feeling The one we all push aside and ignore because we think it doesn’t matter or it’s too late When that’s not the …


Sometimes I just get sad With no reason I want to break down and cry I, myself don't even understand for you were never truly here but knowing you're not at arms length of a wanted call... spins me into a place of missing you J. Saunders

Not Logic

I'm emotional If only you could stay with me Just until I gain some prospective Gain some self control This can't be love it's so unexplainable, caught of guard I've never felt like this before Vulnerable and uncertain Please, don't leave just yet Please, don't make a mess of my heart I beg of you …


I miss the nothingness substance of what we used to be The mindless conversations we'd have and the laughs that filled the air Before pretending I don't want or need you Love Notes, J. Saunders