There will come a day, that will be your last to call upon me and I'll be there for your temptations A day where, I will no longer write words resembling the thoughts I never share You make it seem so easy, your inability to simply be A day will come... dawn will come and … Continue reading



As the clouds darken and take over the sky a brisk brezze blows through the car windows, getting colder as I drive closer I watch lightning emerge with power, each strike better than the last Looks like a war between the Gods and it feels like us when we're not together J. Saunders, Love Notes … Continue reading Storm

Not Logic

I'm emotional If only you could stay with me Just until I gain some prospective Gain some self control This can't be love it's so unexplainable, caught of guard I've never felt like this before Vulnerable and uncertain Please, don't leave just yet Please, don't make a mess of my heart I beg of you … Continue reading Not Logic