Here Or Gone

If I told you I was leaving tomorrow would knowing make the difference and change our situation, making our last night better than the others? Imagine I left you on the tip of your toes standing on suspense, not knowing if we have hours or minutes Any second could be our last I'd give you … Continue reading Here Or Gone


Let my lips catch you up while my hands remove your clothes Let my tongue whisper secrets after tasting you Let me sit on you hips perfectly positioned I'll show you the way I've missed you by fucking you until you tell me to stop Love Notes, Fall 2018 J. Saunders


I know you’re there watching  I can feel you watching me   I’m curious to know how mad it makes you knowing I’m no longer in your possession   Knowing another man is try to tame me while you spend another night alone  If you want me come and get me  Put me over your shoulders show … Continue reading Hunt