When I am with you the world is quiet. I am carefree and playful instead of defensive and serious. J. Saunders


Feel Like

Isn't it supposed to feel like butterflies? No, it's supposed to feel like comfort with an exciting rush. J. Saunders

He Left

For a moment time stood still running on fabricated words and misbehavior Another page was torn from an unfinished chapter I wasn’t prepared for J. Saunders


Our love was like the stars Bright and alive to the human eye J. Saunders


I miss you in ways I never imagined were possible You're a call away and still I refrain in case I get your voicemail or choke up with nothing to say I miss you aren't the words either when I'm unsure how to fill this void I currently feel since we ended J. Saunders

Miss Me Not

You must not miss me It's been weeks since I've heard your voice yet alone your text tone It's been months since I've seen your face held you within my embrace I say these things knowing a man knows what he wants You must not miss me because if you did I wouldn't be writing …


You are a selfish man Taking what you want and demolishing the remains I will not be the last girl you beckon and break But I am the first that knew you better than the last The one you’ll remember long after I’m gone J. Saunders


I was lost in lust over you but the haze eventually faded and suddenly I was too much of a woman than you were willing to handle All because I was worth more than the cheap nights you provided after tearing apart the concept of love J. Saunders


I’m not going to be the one who tells you to let go and move on. Breaking up with someone you love is losing more than someone beside you at night. You’re no longer having this person in your life. take a moment to grieve. Take as long, as your heart needs, just never sit …