It’s impossible not to think about you,
and I’ve tried to fill the void

You’re voice is still running around in my mind
My heart still aches to know you’re well
Sometimes I wish it wasn’t true
I keep wondering why I had to learn so much from you
then only to lose you

I’m no longer tripping over my own emotions
and the things I once created in my mind
No longer dying to see your name on my phone
nor see your car driving on the road until you get to my home

I’ve missed you and miss you
but it’s hard to remain friends with someone
who doesn’t long for me the way I do for them…
Who doesn’t care for me the way I have for them

I do miss your smile
Your lips on my skin
and the laughs that echo amongst my thoughts

There is no cure to love,
you just need to know where to send it
when things change

J. Saunders, Dec 17th 2019


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