The problem is you. You made me feel guilty for loving you. Not everything comes with a price or reason. Not everyone has intentions on hurting you. J. Saunders, page 300 of Second Chances Order Second Chances in the link above 


One Road

I learned that love will not always be a two-way street and I hope you learn to embrace that but never waste it J. Saunders, Second Chances


Sometimes the demons win by default I understand The same way I look in the mirror and I’m unable to recognize the woman that I see but still I tell her, don’t you dare give up. You want to sulk about it then sulk and when you’re done, you get the hell up and you …


I’ve had trouble in the love department since us, since them The ones who thought they liked or said, they loved me never stayed – they didn’t last I pushed them over the corners of my walls because I had never healed and I’m short fussed It’s been a vicious circle within myself I realize …


I write about love, I believe in it but I am by no means ready to receive it. I know that sounds like a contradiction considering where it’s coming from. Try to understand that love is a natural commitment, and the last thing I want, is for someone to love me, the way I’ve loved …


All women usually ask for is an apology from their ex and to be honest I’ve never understood why. It’s like the need for closure after telling him to leave you alone. Why hurt yourself just to hear the man who hurt you say, some pathetic apology when he obviously didn’t care enough about you …

One Night

If you’re looking for a temporary fix to your lonely nights I am the wrong girl for you. I leave impressions that last longer than an hour between the sheets. I know my worth and it’s not a one-night stand with you. Second Chances, page 256 Order Second Chances Here

One-sided Conversation

We can do this daily, he is not coming back. If you want to cry, then cry. You are entitled to your feelings. I just need you to understand that if he wanted to be with you, he would. Second Chances, Page 241 J. Saunders Order Second Chances


You are worthy. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of the dreams you desire. You are worthy of healthy relationships. You are worthy of anything you want or need without question.   Second Chances, J. Saunders Order Second Chances Here

Move On

You never move on because you want to.  You move on because you have to. At first, it’s shitty. Your heart feels like it’s at the bottom of your stomach.  You’re nervous and you can’t get them off your mind. Eventually it’ll fade. The gut wrenching feeling will go away. You’ll realize you are safe without …