We fought so often that not fighting became a high-five. Insomnia and I were always friends, but our friendship grew the night your hand met my neck, smashing my head into the headboard of our bed. I stayed up, night after night tracing my finger over the dent debating how I should get you back. … Continue reading Revenge


At some point in your life, you're going to change. It's not a matter of why or how, but when, that is important.   J. Saunders, Second Chances Order Your Copy Here

Challenges: Panic Attack

Standing in the center of my shower shaking, unable to stand up straight any longer. Trying to grip a slippery bathroom wall I forced myself to turn off the water. Forced myself to get out. I felt like every fiber in me was going to fall to the ground. Soaking wet I stumbled to my … Continue reading Challenges: Panic Attack

Page 277 Second Chances

Letting go of someone you love, is life’s way of reminding you, never to build your home in someone else. Someone please tell me, how do I know, who to give myself to? My love is not a coin toss, but we throw ourselves at people, hoping they throw themselves back at us. J. Saunders … Continue reading Page 277 Second Chances

Old Broken Memories

Remember when you ran down the stairs to throw a shoe in the kitchen? Instead of hitting the wall, it hit me straight in the head. You laugh, your sister starred, I dropped down and cried. Memories like this are all that's left. Any of the good one's just feel like a lie. At least … Continue reading Old Broken Memories


Each time you hurt or shatter, pick up your broken pieces and put yourself back differently. Learn from the men, who turned out to be boys. The women, who were small minded and petty. The family, you’ve loved and lost. You grow when you realize, people and situations are temporary; it’s always quality over quantity … Continue reading Unbreakable

Page 307

The hardest part in my life wasn’t letting go of all the terrible things you had done to me. But moving on from what was, to what should be. The ruins that were left behind, I rebuilt. Working effortlessly not just on my home, or my mind, but my heart. My soul. I became bitter … Continue reading Page 307