Car Rides

While listening to the radio you’ll hear the song that was once ours We’ll be sitting in our own cars driving the opposite way and although this song once made me cry I’ll be singing out loud While you listen in silence thinking about what we could have been  J. Saunders You should have heard the way I was able … Continue reading Car Rides



I'm not the type of girl who wants to fix you or change you I've loved you just the way you are since the first night I met you and I'm not the type of girl who manages very well settling has never been my thing so pick a side of the line between us uncertainty … Continue reading Sleepless

Right Now

Honestly, it never gets better. I just know, it becomes easier. It's shitty. Super shitty for a bit. The weight on your chest get's heavier. The pit of your stomach kills from emotional guilt. Your heart beat seems irregular. All I can tell you is that it'll be okay. Okay doesn't sound believable right now … Continue reading Right Now


I warn people you cannot love me do not get too close there is nothing for you here I say these things because I am unable to take the blinders off from being in love with another I don't mean to but I've hurt the kindest hearts because I've fallen into habit of attaching myself to … Continue reading Unable