I'm not worried about you I'm focusing on myself for a change J. Saunders



If he truly cared, if he honestly loved you; I don't think he'd have any excuses and your heart wouldn't be broken. J. Saunders

I think, I will always wish that you were a better man. I pray and hope you find the courage to be a better man for yourself. Letting go of you, was one of the hardest things I'd done in a long time. The need for space and redefining of our inner selves, makes me …

Game of Lies

I usually don't ask questions So, I apologize in advance because 90% of the time when I inquire, I already know the answer. Awaiting your reply is like a game to me, wondering if honesty has finally become a new habit yet. J. Saunders

Pain Or Love

I used to write about love.Then I met heartbreak and somehow writing about painhas left me with more comfort, than words of love expressedfor someone who didn’t deserve it. J. Saunders


If I could go back in time the only thing I would change is how I treated you. I gave you too much of me and you had too much control. J. Saunders


I've always wondered, why do we miss the things that were never meant for us? Like him. I miss a man, who was never mine and never intended on staying Why? J. Saunders

Your Music

I’ve heard this song before something about this melody strikes a chord within me the lyrics result in us saying goodbye but I’ll sing this song again with you J. Saunders Dec 21 2017