Miss Me Not

You must not miss me It's been weeks since I've heard your voice yet alone your text tone It's been months since I've seen your face held you within my embrace I say these things knowing a man knows what he wants You must not miss me because if you did I wouldn't be writing … Continue reading Miss Me Not



I’m not going to be the one who tells you to let go and move on. Breaking up with someone you love is losing more than someone beside you at night. You’re no longer having this person in your life. take a moment to grieve. Take as long, as your heart needs, just never sit … Continue reading Time


You were everything to me. The heart I knew. The love I cherished. There was never a doubt in my mind. You were everything I had imagined. I was just nothing of this to you, and that's okay. You were meant to come into my life, so I could give you love. Encourage you to … Continue reading Understanding