I warn people you cannot love me do not get too close there is nothing for you here I say these things because I am unable to take the blinders off from being in love with another I don't mean to but I've hurt the kindest hearts because I've fallen into habit of attaching myself to … Continue reading Unable



I pray everything you say is true I'd hate for us to end then look back and never believe that what we had was one of a kind magic I pray everything you say is true because it feels like a dream sometimes and when I'm with you I'm at peace restless when we're apart … Continue reading True


  If you ran into me today in the middle of your day on a side street we use to walk would you have all the words prepared that you never said to me before? I remember making a wish at 11:11 and leaving you speechless by 11:30 that summer night   Excerpt from a book … Continue reading Words


You're a raging storm within me lost deeper than the oceans depth causing uncontrollable emotional waves and every time I think I'm about to make it to the surface escape this vicious love affair you pull me back under and deeper than the last time sitting at the bottom of my heart wishing we could … Continue reading Drowning


I knew it the moment we met with no second thoughts that you were the one for me my soul beamed and told me so my bones ached and said, don't move it's him The universe gave me you but my heart already loved you - Roaming thoughts of our first encounter J. Saunders