An Old Lover

I remember him... Not by his touch or scent just a memory or two that resurfaces now and again He was a lover and a terrible friend However, would hold me when the days seemed long Would rewatch my favourite TV shows Spend the night playing with my hair or play a sound to help … Continue reading An Old Lover

Here Or Gone

If I told you I was leaving tomorrow would knowing make the difference and change our situation, making our last night better than the others? Imagine I left you on the tip of your toes standing on suspense, not knowing if we have hours or minutes Any second could be our last I'd give you … Continue reading Here Or Gone


If only we could freeze time Rewind the hands to the night I fell in love with you But for now I've paused time in my mind Rather than face the saddened emotions running through my soul, impacting my bones I took a one-way ticket to love, and it's time I moved on I'll pick … Continue reading Time