To Come

The emotional pain you feel is only temporary. Give yourself time. This pain leads to power and power fuels your mind. Your mind feeds your soul. Your soul feeds your heart. Understanding that one day when the sun shines the bitterness will fade, you should never give up. J. Saunders



I deserve to be fought for I deserve to be loved J. Saunders


It takes fleeting moments... to know who is there for you, and who you love. J. Saunders


Many times I wish, I didn't feel the physical and emotional connection to you. I know this has been my strength and weakness with you, however... we are not on the same page and it pains me to feel your moments of doubts knowing there is nothing I can do for you, in your absence. …


Do you have any idea the daily battle I face? Most likely not, while your life has carried on just the same with or without me and I’ve felt like death has knocked on my door hundreds of times asking if tonight, we could be friends J. Saunders

My Heart

With all the reasons not to, I care without love and love without care J. Saunders

Tables Turned

I don't love or care about you less I just know how to live without you If you want me to be there, half ass, meet me half way effort won't work Show me, you don't want to live life again... without me in it J. Saunders


When I write, my mind takes a moment. I exhale in the moment of silence. I need this moment several times a day. Writing about you has become exhausting. The thought of you is constant. It’s pathetic. I know better. I think about you more and then all l the ways I crave you. It’s …