How come you don't come by anymore? I used to swing by and knock on your door when the lights were on and you were somewhere inside But it was always the wrong time or you were too busy Always apologizing but never changing J. Saunders



You don't deserve to be missed this much I don't deserve to feel like this J. Saunders


You were never the problem Society was But then you became the problem For allowing society to come up with a solution In a nonexistent issue J. Saunders


authenticitee speaks

“My name is Jessica Saunders, everything Libra, financial educator and author.

I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and raised by women.”

e speaks…

And that’s when my world expanded into something even more beautiful. I began to scroll through Jessica’s Instagram timeline and found myself laced throughout her pieces. She encompasses power, ingenuity and all things woman. And her words…her words stir the reader to do the same.

I think my favorite take away from Jessica’s style of writing is that she gives you permission to feel. There are some pieces that resonated with me more than others; though I wish they hadn’t. #MeToo is more than a hashtag or millennial movement. My ability to relate should only be considered a gentle nod to a fellow survivor. For I think it is an extreme disservice to claim complete identification with anyone’s unfortunate happenstance. As much as we are different we are…

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Isn’t love what everyone is searching for? Maybe, from a friend or a family member? Maybe, a stranger. Someone, anyone, just to simply say, I am not alone. J. Saunders


Let my lips catch you up while my hands remove your clothes Let my tongue whisper secrets after tasting you Let me sit on you hips perfectly positioned I'll show you the way I've missed you by fucking you until you tell me to stop Love Notes, Fall 2018 J. Saunders

Your Name

My bank account shows one, too many transactions at the liquor store The staff know me by name and although I’ve tried to give it up the Whiskey bottle has your name on it and each time I drink every drop of you, until I’m sober enough to get in my car and buy another …

Not Found

I’ve been searching for anything that doesn’t resemble you. Searching for a place to call my home. Searching for something that’s permanent in an era of temporary. J. Saunders


"These roads don't lead to my home, why are you turning here?". "Relax", he said, as we pulled onto a dead-end street, the other side of my middle school. Hill top he leans over and says, "your ex was Greek right? your girlfriend told me, which means, you should know what we like.", while unzipping …

She’s Crazy

I wasn't important enough for you. You left me behind and made me feel like I was crazy, as if you never called me saying, you missed me. J. Saunders