About You

  The problem with you is that you have the ability to make me stop in my tracks. Change the beat of my heart. Lose my breath type of reaction, simply at the site of you and I’d do anything to swim in your ocean of sins, just to give you my love. J. Saunders


  I cannot tell you what I'm thinking what is on my mind what emotions are out of line right now I can't and I'm sorry telling you the hidden truths makes them real after promising I'd keep things in control and the last thing I need is to tell you how I feel and … Continue reading Cannot


Open Thought

Maybe one day I’ll stop day dreaming. Just like how, maybe I’ll stop writing about love and a lovers touch. I’ll tell my partner to go fuck himself and remember all the reasons why love is a fabricated creation of whatever we want. That all the liars, pretenders and cheaters ruined ever after for anyone … Continue reading Open Thought