There will come a day, that will be your last to call upon me and I'll be there for your temptations A day where, I will no longer write words resembling the thoughts I never share You make it seem so easy, your inability to simply be A day will come... dawn will come and … Continue reading



When I write, my mind takes a moment. I exhale in the moment of silence. I need this moment several times a day. Writing about you has become exhausting. The thought of you is constant. It’s pathetic. I know better. I think about you more and then all l the ways I crave you. It’s … Continue reading Muse


The same way I cannot have you My heart cannot stop loving you Once you take something away you only want it more but I have wanted you this way since the first night I met you This urge flowing within my body This sense of need and desperation Impulsive and reckless You’re my kryptonite … Continue reading Y O U

Forgive You

I would forgive you Even if it took you 25 years to call 25 years to turn up at my front door I would still hold you with the same love The same fire that burned between us half a century ago No amount of time and water could stop me from burning Raging flames … Continue reading Forgive You

Nothing Left For Me

I was half alive for so long, I forgot how to love. I was breaking until you came around. Everyone was always taking. You breathed life into my lungs. You resuscitated my heart, steady beat, growing glow. You were a sin dressed as an angel, still I took your hand, and left the woman I … Continue reading Nothing Left For Me