I Miss

I already miss you
and you haven’t even left yet
but I already let go
and miss the things we could’ve been

I hate small talk
like talks about the weather
and how another day went by hating your job
but I miss the “hey”, text followed by your small talk

I miss the way we never got to do the things we didn’t plan
because we were too good and lived life on edge
and I can’t tell what bothers me more…

the fact that none of this is actually true
I didn’t let you go and we sometimes had real conversations
or the fact that I fell in love with a coward
and I’m being forced to move on

J. Saunders 11.07.17



3 thoughts on “I Miss

      1. Felt like a crazy person for the last year or so… your poems refreshed me in feeling some semblance to normalcy as well and grateful for that You’re not alone here.


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