I’m still healing. Time is the ruler of healing. Sometimes, time goes by slow, do not rush a wounded heart, a damaged soul, into healing. Time is based on no one’s measurement but our own internal understanding and a life we had once lived. You and I are not the same. We will not heal … Continue reading Healing



I’m not suggesting I will not love you 20 years from now You didn’t ask me to wait I let go when you told me to move on Now you keep coming back every time another man holds my hand but you never held mine Your fingers just knew my weak spots to remind my … Continue reading Secrets


It feels right So, I go with the flow  Then I wake up in the morning feeling satisfied and lost  Filled with words I never knew were on my mind Filled with words I never knew I felt  I write, it feels right  So, I go with the flow  until I’m lost for words Until … Continue reading Feeling