Poets’ Love

To a man I once knew;

I love you. I’ve fallen 100 times since meeting you, but I will never be able to be the love you need. This is why no matter on the circumstances or who has said, what… my love is best described with ink. My actions are profound and overwhelming, there are words I’ve never shared behind them. I’ve written love letters, then burned them. Only to write another and not send it. I have fallen in love with the soul within you and now the memories I replay, making them poetry for people to enjoy. You are magical to me. I have changed and grown in so many ways because of you. You do not deserve an apology nor my tears, but I will apologize in advance for the words the world will read. Love, has no definition but fills us with desire, rage, passion and compassion. I am a poet, I have loved and love you in many different ways; moved by everything we weren’t supposed to have, however, had, beyond the emotions we contain.

This is my story.

Love Notes, Fall 2018 – J. Saunders


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