I don’t want to be your favorite cup of tea or coffee 
Your favorite drink or wear your best t-shirt to bed 
All those types of things are changeable 
I want to be substance that feeds your soul 
That if Im not around 
all you had to do was envision home 

J. Saunders

This may not be a new piece for everyone,
but it’s still one of my favourites.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. It’s not wonder it’s a favourite of yours.
    I love the parallels in those simple things that are romantic clichés but when you think about it aren’t unique. They can be copies and given to another.
    To truely encompass someone’s life and be that sense of home… that just warms my heart, as this gorgeous piece of writing has.

    It’s wistfully romantic. Subtly challenging what love can be in its purest. I really do like this piece. I doubt anyone would mind you posting it again.

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