Page 307

The hardest part in my life wasn’t letting go of all the terrible things you had done to me. But moving on from what was, to what should be.
The ruins that were left behind, I rebuilt. Working effortlessly not just on my home, or my mind, but my heart. My soul.
I became bitter and so desperately wanted revenge. Focusing all my energy on rebuilding every aspect of my life as a means to say, fuck you. I never needed you.
This is true, in reality, I needed myself more. My energy and time was going in all of the wrong places. It had taken me 4 years to evolve, I have become softer inside.
But also stronger in all the right ways, happier and kind. I am now able to say, I love myself, when love from another was once unkind.
Rebuilding a life, is a continuous effort, do not stop yourself, from building yourself. I am still evolving, please keep evolving.
Lastly, be gentle with yourself, life is hard enough on its own.
Reread, that and smile at the growth you have achieved, if another human once tried to change that.

Second Chances, page 307 – J. Saunders

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