Fresh Start

For as long as I could remember, I lived for someone else.
Someone from a family member, a friend, a boss, co-worker, an opinion of a stranger, or even my ex… I’ve had boarders and limitations on my life.
Maybe, from the places I traveled, down to my daily actions, careers, hairstyle, even the littlest thing, to my personality. Literally, I lived within their ideas. Their creation of who I should be, rather than who I am or… could be.
Daily, I still strive to find that person, become that woman and grow into her. As I unveil the woman I am supposed to be.
Society, seems to not only have this new found fixation on the life we should have, like keeping up with the rich and famous… but also this idea that who we are cannot change or be bent. As if we aren’t meant to have a little inconsistency to find what does or doesn’t work for us. As, a Libra, balance is life but as we all know nothing is perfect and the scales will never be just. So, we travel on through our day and wonder why some things work for others and never for ourselves.

Success leaves clues. We all know this. If we find a few examples of those who are successful and simply copy what they have done, we will find ourselves on a path of success. However, the path to success, the hard work and dedication put into this, literally has nothing to do with who we are as a person and copying someone’s successful steps is one thing. Trying to be someone you’re not will ruin your empire or more importantly your relationships down the line.

I’m unsure where this ramble is supposed to end up as these thoughts ran through my mind today and I felt the need to jolt them down… but I, feel as of lately I’m finally being relieved of this pressure and guilt ridden feeling, for simply doing the things I enjoy.
It’s rather moving and exciting. It takes time. Ah, there’s my beginning to an ending thought.

I’m sure there are people out there that want to be more, become more, have more.
We pray for signs, notions and a path but usually never take it because we’re scared or unaware the lights were flashing for us.

Step by step, letting go of all the limitations we put on ourselves from family, friends, exes or current partners. Learning and changing evolves you to being a better version of yourself. Embrace change and follow the way your body feels. If it feels good, keep doing it.


Ramble Idea 105
J. Saunders



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