Chaos Theory

You used to ask, “what did I want from you?”
I used to say, “nothing.”
My heart would speak to my mind and say,
“I want to relieve the heaviness from your chest
and love you.”, though I never told you
“Breathe life into you
and just truly, unwillingly love you
because I’ve believed a soul like yours deserves more”,
although I still replied with, “nothing”
Truthfully, my soul loved yours
It’s ability to move on is weak
compared the transition of a caterpillar
You are magnificent and wonderful
I wish, I could keep you
be a lepidopterist and adore you
Butterflies are seasonal
just like hurricane’s and tornado’s
Lightning never strikes twice
but I wish you would

You are my butterfly effect and I can’t move on  

Love Notes, Fall 2018
J. Saunders



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