Our silence pains my heart as your last words echo in my mind J. Saunders



  I'm trying not to let it show but when you touch me I cave and give it all away J. Saunders


I thought, I needed him he was my best friend and I was letting that go It wasn't easy but I learned how much I truly needed myself before anyone else. J. Saunders


Out of all the mistake I’ve made undoubtedly, he has been the best one and the one I continue to make J. Saunders


please be careful my heart is not made of paper you cannot rip it and tape it back together   J. Saunders

I Have You

On the days you feel like you’re going to fall when you feel the weight of it all just know you can lean on me to pick up your fallen pieces J. Saunders

Not I

Forgive me for being restless I've never been the type of woman who settles for less than what she deserves J. Saunders

Nothing Left

I stand in front of you naked emotionally and mentally every time we are together until you remove my clothes and I have nothing left to hide J. Saunders