I know you’re there watching  I can feel you watching me   I’m curious to know how mad it makes you knowing I’m no longer in your possession   Knowing another man is try to tame me while you spend another night alone  If you want me come and get me  Put me over your shoulders show …



He has the ability to recharge my body and mind by touching my soul as I fall between the cracks  of love  kidnapping me from reality J. Saunders

Once Upon a Time

I don’t want to have to remember you I want to know you the person you are today and the one you’ll grow into I want to be that woman by your side not the one remembering what it was like to love the man I knew   J. Saunders

Just In Case

I was afraid to love you, he said. I knew this a long time ago. I had no other choice then to leave but I left a piece of my heart with him. Just in case he was having a rough day. He'd always know that I loved him despite the worst. J. Saunders


i gave into him each time like he was mine never regretting that after each night i was picking petals off a flower waiting for a man who'd never show J. Saunders


You don't deserve to occupy this much of my mind while running in and out of my life like there is a revolving door with your name on it J. Saunders


Every time I'm with you I can hear your heart beating just a little bit louder We most definitely weren't meant to last but we met whatever we are I'm sure as hell never going to forget us J. Saunders


I haven't seen you we've barely said four words making myself sick over the thought of you and I know communication is a two way street but I'm angry because I always reach out as if I can't be tired too It bothers me because that's not who I am, but the heart which you …


I'm telling you it's madness love is a crazy disease the same person able to bring you sunshine and rainbows can bring storms and pain it's the ones who held on tight looked at each other and said lets do this it's not all wars and heartache but laughs and new beginnings lasting journeys and …