There will come a time where I will no longer yearn for you A time when I no longer beg myself not to contact you If only there was a time, where I will no longer think of you and feel myself crumble internally but I suppose this is what happens when a writer falls …


Act 4, Scene 5

Most nights I get ready to put on a show I preform to my pleasure, even though no one is watching I remember when you used to Love Notes, J. Saunders

Same Four Walls

It's different here New furniture in new places Nothing is attached to you My mind no longer thinks of you in this space It's different when I lay in bed now My four walls whisper your memory instead Love Notes, J. Saunders

Only Love

Not for anything but I'll probably never stop loving you Love is not a thought It's not debatable nor optional It's an emotional substance and without question will take over To survive we pretend and avoid Although manageable, my love never leaves Never dies Buried within my heart I'll play our memories like a movie …


You were never the problem Society was But then you became the problem For allowing society to come up with a solution In a nonexistent issue J. Saunders


authenticitee speaks

“My name is Jessica Saunders, everything Libra, financial educator and author.

I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and raised by women.”

e speaks…

And that’s when my world expanded into something even more beautiful. I began to scroll through Jessica’s Instagram timeline and found myself laced throughout her pieces. She encompasses power, ingenuity and all things woman. And her words…her words stir the reader to do the same.

I think my favorite take away from Jessica’s style of writing is that she gives you permission to feel. There are some pieces that resonated with me more than others; though I wish they hadn’t. #MeToo is more than a hashtag or millennial movement. My ability to relate should only be considered a gentle nod to a fellow survivor. For I think it is an extreme disservice to claim complete identification with anyone’s unfortunate happenstance. As much as we are different we are…

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Don’t Tell

I thought of you today Just like I do, any other day This time, a heart string was pulled I put my lunch away as the emotional wave took over Yearning to reach out to you I refrain from the impulse Just like I do... any other day When the thought, let go of the …


Isn’t love what everyone is searching for? Maybe, from a friend or a family member? Maybe, a stranger. Someone, anyone, just to simply say, I am not alone. J. Saunders


Sometimes I close my eyes reminiscing the way your thumb would rub along the side of my ribs, tracing the imprinted ink in admiration. J. Saunders Second Chances, page 173 Available for purchase under book shop!

Love Anyways

The women who remind you that a man will not make you whole, are the same ones, who felt their entire being shattered because they fell in love and now have nothing to show for it. Second Chances, page 183 J. Saunders Available for purchase worldwide click book shop today!