Page 277 Second Chances

Letting go of someone you love, is life’s way of reminding you, never to build your home in someone else. Someone please tell me, how do I know, who to give myself to? My love is not a coin toss, but we throw ourselves at people, hoping they throw themselves back at us. J. Saunders …



Many times I wish, I didn't feel the physical and emotional connection to you. I know this has been my strength and weakness with you, however... we are not on the same page and it pains me to feel your moments of doubts knowing there is nothing I can do for you, in your absence. …


I must let you know... I'll let you go and find your way, but if you ever decide to turn around and think you lost your way, I Ieft the light on for you to find home. J. Saunders

Page 407

I spent a chunk of my life living for someone else that I forgot what living for myself meant. I learned that lesson when the person I was living for, was no longer mine to live through. Everything I knew, was no longer accessible to me. What were the basic requirements to live for yourself? …

Day 147 Without You

It's hard, when tomorrow is never promised nor should be taken for granted but I can't help but waste away a day hoping tomorrow never comes, for it's another day without you. And, I know, I deserve more. And, I know... if someone wanted to be with you, they would be. It's never that simple …

Want and Need

I'm aware I don't need you and that I simply want you, I can survive without you. However... the way I spin out of control; crave and demand, yearn and feel pain, unwavering emotions I cannot contain... tells me, you're more than a want, less than a forever need J. Saunders

Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun, I belong to you but I am in love with the moon. I feel your rays of heat and passion, while complaining I am always tired because I stay up during the midnight hours just to see him. I feel the magic and creative energy, writing better poetry during those hours. He is …


The women who remind you that a man will not make you whole, are the same ones, who felt their entire being shattered because they fell in love and now have nothing to show for it. Second Chances, J. Saunders


I don’t write about the people who had hurt me Comparatively, I write about the people I have loved Page 173, Second Chances J. Saunders