Second Chances

Silence does not speak louder than the truth Never forget your voice, tell the world your story Be kind but fierce Please follow your dreams Happiness is temporary, so is pain Fill yourself with magic when society tries to diminish you Don’t follow in my footsteps you are stronger than anxiety, fear fuels negative reactions … Continue reading Second Chances

Mr. Unavailable

I'm addicted to you So, I'll call and text too much Then run away like Nicky Nicky Nine Doors Till you catch up and give me the attention I crave I'm crazy and filled with passion Lucky for you I have commitment issues when you're unavailable to me I want everything and nothing from you … Continue reading Mr. Unavailable


I know you’re there watching  I can feel you watching me   I’m curious to know how mad it makes you knowing I’m no longer in your possession   Knowing another man is try to tame me while you spend another night alone  If you want me come and get me  Put me over your shoulders show … Continue reading Hunt