We fought so often that not fighting became a high-five. Insomnia and I were always friends, but our friendship grew the night your hand met my neck, smashing my head into the headboard of our bed. I stayed up, night after night tracing my finger over the dent debating how I should get you back. … Continue reading Revenge



It feels right So, I go with the flow  Then I wake up in the morning feeling satisfied and lost  Filled with words I never knew were on my mind Filled with words I never knew I felt  I write, it feels right  So, I go with the flow  until I’m lost for words Until … Continue reading Feeling


I’m an over thinker, hard reflector. 2018 isn’t done yet so I’m nearly fearful to write a reflection so soon, however, I feel my lessons have become accountable and I can close 2018 knowing my heart has had good intentions. This year, feels like the year of the people. A clear view of the type … Continue reading Reflection