My battle, was never our battle, like you said. You made me believe that you had my back, that you cared about me and my well being, until it no longer benefited you. Until, I became a burden and you jumped off ship, leaving me in the middle of the ocean. No ammunition or map … Continue reading Shipwreck


For anyone who has felt their future isn't in their hands For the ones who have been abused mentally, physically and sexually For the individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression I need to you know You do not need to be perfect You cannot help who you have loved and love Who you have … Continue reading Breathe

Second Chances

Silence does not speak louder than the truth Never forget your voice, tell the world your story Be kind but fierce Please follow your dreams Happiness is temporary, so is pain Fill yourself with magic when society tries to diminish you Don’t follow in my footsteps you are stronger than anxiety, fear fuels negative reactions … Continue reading Second Chances