I’ll never be able to bluntly tell you the who, what, where, when, why or how, but I can write about each of those and let you fill in the blanks Love Notes Fall 2018, J. Saunders



I was going to call you selfish for only loving parts of me until I realized I too am selfish, for wanting more than what was offered J. Saunders

Black Dress Code

I didn't mean to try you on and keep you forever Most times little black dresses are hard to replace You fit so perfect I forgot to keep you in the back of the cloest with all the ones before you Love Notes, J. Saunders


The same way I cannot have you My heart cannot stop loving you Once you take something away you only want it more but I have wanted you this way since the first night I met you This urge flowing within my body This sense of need and desperation Impulsive and reckless You’re my kryptonite …


I know we are temporary I know, I wish I could change us It’s crazy because I love us Unable to keep you slowly, drives me insane I try and leave I barely make it out the front door I sit on the front steps and turn around at the sound of your voice I …


I write about love, I believe in it but I am by no means ready to receive it. I know that sounds like a contradiction considering where it’s coming from. Try to understand that love is a natural commitment, and the last thing I want, is for someone to love me, the way I’ve loved …


It’s after midnight It’s 7 am It’s 2 pm It’s anytime of the day and I’ll want you in every way Love Notes, J. Saunders


You are my type of madness The madness I’ve needed; to love, to fuck, driving me to drink and write over our chaos Love Notes, Fall 2018 - J. Saunders


As the clouds darken and take over the sky a brisk brezze blows through the car windows, getting colder as I drive closer I watch lightning emerge with power, each strike better than the last Looks like a war between the Gods and it feels like us when we're not together J. Saunders, Love Notes …