You have me in the palm of your hand As if I was a lighter You can flick me and light me on fire With this burning desire I keep coming back for more. This is all something you've done before Why must I fall for it? These are words you've said before I'm not … Continue reading Fire

Last Sentence

she mentioned your name My heart pinched Eyes steady awaiting for her inquiry Her: How is he? Me: We haven't spoken in weeks, I have no idea but ...I think about him daily Her: You're waiting for him then? Me: No, I just never reach out these days So you enjoy pain, she says Me: … Continue reading Last Sentence

More Than

I miss you every single second of each day Still I give you space... hating our silence - however in fear that reaching out to you will only remind me that I have learned... I am your friend You're not mine Beyond that... it tells me that I care about you, our distance and silence … Continue reading More Than