It feels right So, I go with the flow  Then I wake up in the morning feeling satisfied and lost  Filled with words I never knew were on my mind Filled with words I never knew I felt  I write, it feels right  So, I go with the flow  until I’m lost for words Until … Continue reading Feeling


Conflicting Motives

Maybe it wasn't love. Could possibly have been hope filled with infatuation. This could be my logic providing excuses while my heart still skips beats for you. But we both know, you and I, are temporarily here. Filling in the void of wasted time, before one of us makes a decision and moves on. Maybe … Continue reading Conflicting Motives


I’m an over thinker, hard reflector. 2018 isn’t done yet so I’m nearly fearful to write a reflection so soon, however, I feel my lessons have become accountable and I can close 2018 knowing my heart has had good intentions. This year, feels like the year of the people. A clear view of the type … Continue reading Reflection