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Available for purchase, June 11th 2020
Official release date June 22nd

Misfit Pieces was a novel I put together in-between working on what was supposed to be the release of “A Woman’s Ramble”, but I didn’t love it and I kept spinning off onto something else.

My best words to explain Misfit Pieces, is all the little things, random things, personal and non-personal pieces I’ve written before and very recently are now in these pages. They needed a home and I needed closure.

This Pre-sale will last 24 hours at the price of $9.00 and then the regular Pre-sale price of $12 will be put in place. The book is ready, so I may release it to those who purchase this week on June 19th, instead of the 22nd. The book will be able to be read on all devices. I recommend Amazon Kindle for Samsung users and Ibooks platform for Apple users. Right now this is an Ebook only. I will be releasing a hard copy to follow.

My platforms with my company store and Amazon have put me in a position to extend the actual release date. My first book is on Amazon, Barnes and Indigo, so I want to make sure all books to follow are also properly placed online for world wide. I am thankful for those who continue to read my work, send love and for all the support.

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Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 8.10.14 PMSecond Chances by J. Saunders

Second Chances is also available as an Ebook on my online store:

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